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7 Tips for a Better Christmas

  Bah-humbug you say? I say don’t be that way this Christmas. Make sure to keep Christmas a stress free joyous time for you and your family. Here are seven tips you can use to experience a “Breakthrough Christmas”: 1. Take Time to Pray Even though we often get very busy during the Christmas season don’t neglect your time with...

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Help for Troubled Marriages

First realize every marriage goes through trouble.  Marriages are made up of imperfect people  who make mistakes and do things that can be hurtful even to those they love.  Just because you are going through some troubled waters doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed.  Husbands and wives  have had to work through family and marriage problems since the garden of...

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How to Resolve Conflict

Benjamin Franklin made this famous quote : “In this world there is nothing that is certain except death and taxes” There is another thing you can add to that list, “In marriage, it is certain there will be conflicts”. It is only natural to have differences arise in a relationship. Every home faces situations that need to be worked out....

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Speaking the Word of God Over Your Children

  Speaking the Word of God over your children is one of the keys to raising Godly children. Proverbs 18:21 says, “death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.”  In other words we will “eat” – experience the words we speak. Our words are important they have tremendous power. ...

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5 Things Every Man Wants from His Wife

  There is an old quote “Behind every great man is a women”.  It is true, a man’s success and happiness in life is influenced greatly by the wife in his life.   It is the way God intended.  God saw right away it was not good for man to be alone.  (Genesis 2:18)   Marriage was and is God’s idea –...

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Spanking Your Child?

Should you be spanking your child?  In today’s society many Christians and others are faced with this difficult question,  In my book “The Little Red Book for Parents – Parenting the Next Generation” I share how to use Biblical principles to effectively correct and discipline your child. I have included a short excerpt below from that portion of the book...

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Romancing Your Spouse

  Do you still try to romance your spouse? If not, you should!  Do you remember when you first met your future wife or husband or the first time you held hands and how that made you feel?    If you’re like me, the heart rate went up a notch and had some of those “butterflies”! There are many great times...

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