Breakthrough Marriage and Family

healthy marriage and family

Breakthrough Marriage and Family


Just being a Christian does not guarantee a healthy or happy family.

The fast paced and compromising world we live in challenges the fundamental foundations of truly healthy marriages and families.

Strong, healthy families do not “just happen”! They require those involved to invest in their relationships.  It requires effort and work to build and maintain healthy relationships and probably more so today than ever.

It is amazing how much time, effort and work we will invest in our careers or hobbies to improve our skills and abilities, yet we will not make the same kind of investment and effort to become great husbands, fathers, wives and moms.

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house,  they that build labor in vain.”

Make sure to put the Lord in the middle of your marriage and family.   He is the master builder.  However, He expects us to be a cooperative partner willing to make the necessary investments in our marriage and family that will produce

There are several articles and resources below to help you have a healthy marriage and healthy  family. I encourage you to invest the time and effort to build a better you and a better family and marriage.

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