How to be Satisfied – use these 3 Biblical keys

How to be satisfied by Pastor Bruce EdwardsHow to be satisfied in life…  Are you satisfied with your life or are you dissatisfied? Is your life filled with discontentment? Are you always thinking “When…” – “When I get such and such I will be happy or  when I get married or when I get that new car or when I get that new house or when I get that dream job or  when I have this much money or when I’m out of debt… then I’ll be “satisfied and happy”. The problem with that thinking is once you get there, you’ll always want something more.  God wants you to learn be satisfied and content in life and He tells us exactly how.

How to Be Satisfied

Many years ago there was a man by the name of Ali Hafed. He was very well off financially. He owned a large farm and was satisfied with his life. Then one day, a visiting priest began telling him how finding one diamond the size of his thumb could make him and his children extremely rich and give them greater influence and power in their country.

Dissatisfaction Can Lead to Death

In that one day, Ali went from being satisfied to total dissatisfaction. He became consumed with finding his own diamond mine. Ali wanted more, so much so that he sold his farm and left his family to go and find his fortune in diamonds. He traveled to far away places, but found no diamonds. Finally, with all of his money spent, his clothing in rags, and in poverty, He drowned himself in the ocean.

Meanwhile the man who bought Ali’s farm made an incredible discovery. One day while working the farm he noticed a black stone – it was a different looking stone that reflected light beautifully, so he saved it and placed it on the mantle in his home. Some time later that same priest who told Ali Hafed about the value of diamonds came to the house and noticed the stone. The priest told the man that it was a diamond and asked where he had got it? The man said he discovered on his land – the two then rushed outside and began searching and found several more diamonds. In fact, that farm was an untapped diamond mine and became the the start of one of the largest diamond mines and businesses in the world, yielding well-known gems including the “Hope” diamond.

Dissatisfaction Device of Satan

This true story teaches us a powerful lesson – if Ali Hafed had been satisfied to stay in the place God had planted him and worked his own ground he would have found Acres of Diamonds. What he was looking for and wanted was right in front of him every day. Instead he became dissatisfied with what God had given him.

Being dissatisfied is a universal problem. It is one of the devices of Satan. 1Timothy 6:6 says, “Devotion to God is, in fact, a way for people to be very rich, but only if it makes them satisfied with what they have.”  If being satisfied with what you have is key to true success then dissatisfaction must cause failure or great loss. The enemy uses dissatisfaction to steal your peace and joy. So, the question is, how to be satisfied in life?

3 Biblical Keys to being Satisfied in Life

The apostle Paul discovered the secret to true contentment in life and shares it in Philippians 4:12-13. Paul said,I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I’ve learned the secret of contentment (satisfaction) in every situation, whether it be a full stomach or hunger, plenty or want; for I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power. (TLB) There are three fundamental truths revealed here about how to be satisfied in life;

1) Being satisfied is something you must learn.

It’s not something that comes naturally. Be satisfied is not something you’re born with. You have to learn it. It’s learning to trust the Lord. True satisfaction and contentment in life  is having peace and joy right now regardless of the circumstances. Being satisfied doesn’t mean you never want change or to have anything else in your life.  We are to be satisfied with where we are in life at the moment, but we should never become complacent or think we’ve “arrived”. We should always be working and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us to become more like Christ and to achieve more for the kingdom.

To learn to be satisfied and content means we have to stop comparing. Comparing causes dissatisfaction. We compare houses, cars, clothes, phones, etc. We live in covetous culture that breeds discontentment. Learning true satisfaciton means not comparing ourselves to others and instead trust the Lord for what we have need of. Being Satisfied – is something you must learn.

2) Being Satisfied is not tied to finances or circumstances.

True satisfaction is not based on your circumstances or how much money you have. Paul clearly teaches true satisfaction and contentment can be found whether you are lacking or abounding. Money can’t buy true contentment and poverty can’t stop it. True satisfaction in life is not found in what’s happening or not happening in our lives. If we seek satisfaction based on the circumstances of life it becomes a roller coaster- we’re up one day and down the next which leads to dissatisfaction. God says, “I want you to learn to be satisfied in the moment.” Learn how to satisfied in the Lord  and not on your circumstances in life.”

3) Being Satisfied is only found in trusting Christ.

That’s the true secret to total satisfaction and contentment in life – “I can do all things through Christ…” Purpose, hope, and strength flow from Him. What was the secret to Paul’s satisfaction in life? He kept his focus on Christ and His ability not on his own. So regardless of the difficulties and trials, Paul had learned how to be satisfied and content in Christ. True satisfaction is only found when you put your focus and trust in Jesus.

If the Devil keeps you dissatisfied, he has won a victory. The Bible says, “Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.” If you find yourself dissatisfied in life, resist the devil and your victory over him is guaranteed.  Then remember to apply these 3 Biblical keys of how to be satisfied in life.

How to be content by Pastor Bruce EdwardsDon’t miss the blessings that are right in front of you. Don’t miss your Acres of Diamonds. Learn to be satisfied with what God has provided at the moment then keep your trust in the Lord and stay rooted where God has planted you– work your ground – stay faithful – value the family, the friends, the relationships and all that God has given you. Choose to be satisfied.

Bruce Edwards

Bruce is a pastor, speaker, Bible teacher, and consultant to pastors and churches. He has over 35 years of leadership experience in business and ministry.  As a pastor he has a passion to help people experience the abundant life provided through Jesus and is committed to teach and communicate the principles of God’s Word with clarity, simplicity and boldness. He is uniquely gifted to help churches and ministries experience “breakthrough” for greater success and impact.    Bruce has a Masters Degree in Business management and has written several books including; What’s Next, The God Factor, Just Let It Go, The Little Red Book for Parents, God is For You, The Elementary Principles of Christianity, 5 Principles of Breakthrough, The Power of Half, and others. He served over 28 years at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma as Senior Associate Pastor. He is CEO of Bruce Edwards Ministries (BEM) which is focused on helping churches and ministries “breakthrough” to greater impact and growth. He provides staff development training, leadership training, Church growth assessments and planning, financial assessments, and other services for leaders, churches and ministries. He and his wife have been married for over 43 years. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Acts 20:24 (NIV) is one of his a favorite verses - “I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

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